B2B is in our DNA

Our Business DNA (Dynamic Network Architecture) modernizes and evolves the Food and Beverage industry by mimicking the function of nature’s DNA. In nature, core elements govern structure, shape, and selection, yet allow for infinite recombinations to promote growth, sustainability, and evolution. Our patented Business DNA similarly recombines and reconfigures communication channels on top of existing Food and Beverage industry architectures, creating an efficient and collaborative network of farmers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

It’s time to evolve

The Food and Beverage industry operates on antiquated communication models that don’t reflect the efficiency of modern technology. From farm to fork, each part of the supply chain suffers from poor communication, leading to waste and lost revenue.

Growers, Farmers, and Ranchers

  • Extreme waste due to poor forecasting
  • Poor demand cycles
  • No feedback from the consumer
  • Limited distribution channels

Processors and Manufacturers

  • No visibility to operators or consumers
  • Mismanaged inventory cycles
  • Compressed margins
  • 95% failure rate on new launches


  • Miscommunication with processors and retailers
  • High inventory-carry costs
  • Driver surplus or shortages
  • Land-locked facilities

Operators and Retailers

  • Limited choices and service offerings
  • No visibility down the chain
  • Minimal marketing support
  • Forced solutions and poor outcomes

Best Results® from farm to fork

The cloud-based Best Results® Trading Platform offers efficient communication paths that connect the Food and Beverage industry up and down the supply chain, encouraging collaboration and innovation, and significantly increasing revenue while decreasing waste.

Encourages open communication by removing the blinders between trading partners

Increases profit margins by reducing waste through improved forecasting and complete supply-chain visibility

Opens the doors to transparent value exchanges and encourages real-time feedback

Provides catalog and menu flexibility by breaking the rigid supply chain and opening trading networks

Removes inventory logjams and eliminates the guesswork in supply and demand

Offers a cloud-based, one-stop-shop for trading between all industry players from farm to fork

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