Configurable. Simple. Scalable.

The cloud-based Best Results® Trading Platform offers a technology-independent, low-cost, pay-per-transaction network for an open and collaborative Food and Beverage industry. Growers, manufacturers, distributors, and retail operators benefit from real-time trading, communication, and feedback. The Best Results® platform mimics the structure of familiar online marketplaces, such as Amazon, providing transparent and immediate access to the products, services, and information needed to boost profits while reducing waste.

The Best Results® Trading Platform cuts through communication barriers by aggregating suppliers and products, simplifying the search-and-order process within an intuitive online interface. Operators thrive in our networked community by connecting with farmers, distributors, delivery agents, and service providers of every size, type, and category to secure the products they need without filters or delays.

  • Determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to order products
  • Reduce waste by schedule delivery to meet consumer demand
  • Lower costs by paying provider directly for purchases
  • Foster collaboration by giving feedback on products and providers

Processors and manufacturers use the collaborative nature of the Best Results® Trading Platform to eliminate the bottlenecks, weak links, and outdated information that destroy innovation. By removing the secrecy between trading partners, manufactures can produce product based on market demand, bolstering the industry across the entire supply chain.

  • Conduct market surveys based on collaboration and feedback
  • Determine trends to increase profitability of new product offerings
  • Drive real growth and margins by offering what consumers want
  • Communicate across the supply chain to reduce latency and improve inventory cycles

Best Results® virtual warehouses provide economy of motion, allowing distributors to plan routes, loads, and driver resources based on a collective, mapped network of order requests. Distributors benefit from efficient routing that decreases both time-to-delivery and cost-per-load.

  • Plan loads based on virtual warehouses that simplify both orders and inventory
  • Join the networked community so that no one distributor becomes a land baron
  • Free up resources by decreasing your time to delivery
  • Increase profits by decreasing your cost per load

Growers take advantage of Best Results’ networked platform to capitalize on consumer demand for farm-fresh food. By removing the communication barriers up the supply chain, growers provide direct access to their available products real-time, reducing waste and maximizing profit.

  • Watch market signals to follow trends and produce in-demand product
  • Collaborate and innovate with manufacturers, distributors, and retailers
  • Increase visibility for your farm, driving direct sales and repeat business
  • Provide an amazing consumer experience by delivering farm-fresh food real-time